I'm Kaitlyn
Loving you is like bathing in cold water when its below zero outside. you're terribly bad for me and you have no warmth you are so hard to love but i some how manage it.
I gave myself a hug and i told myself things would be okay and i took my own hand and pulled myself up from the floor so screw this bullshit that you call "friendship"
I keep looking in empty bottles for you


do u ever go to school confident in what ur wearing and then u actually get there and ur kind of just like wow well this was an awful idea


"why do you like twenty one pilots so much??"

okay for starters:

  • their lyrics 
  • the way tyler joseph twitches during certain parts of certain songs
  • have you seen josh dun play the drums???
  • did I mention the lyrics bc they’re genious

"I found relief in razor blades and empty bottles"2:41 am (via pizza-sex-and-drugs)
"I found relief in razor blades and empty bottles"2:41 am
"I wish breathing wasn’t so god damn hard these days."4:29 am (via pizza-sex-and-drugs)
"time for tumblr and spotify
i just got baked super high"
moi (via jdonks)

The Blue Diesel
Genetics: Blueberry x NYC Diesel (Indica Dominate)
Smell: Hint of blueberries with, an earthy fuel smell from the diesel.
Taste: very mild diesel taste with the fruity taste of blueberries. 
Effects: Mild drowsiness, Calming/Relaxed
Medical Tips: Helps with head aches and nausea.
Rating: 10/10

RIP SuperBong D;

Outdoor sour diesel and grape diesel kief.

weekend fun.

The Blue Cheese

Score: 10/10Type: Hybrid, Indica dominantGenetics: 25% Blueberry and 75% CheeseAppearance: Strikingly brilliant green and covered in shiny crystals.Smell: Very aromatic, The smell was strong and amazing. I could smell the blueberry in the mix with blue cheese.Flavor: Dank with a fruity hint of blueberry. I don’t eat cheese (other than pizza) to be honest but the smell of blue cheese creates a taste. An that taste came from the bud. Amazing  High: Mainly a body high with a bit of head tweak.Buzz Length: Crept up a bit, but once it took hold…it didn’t let go for a long while. Medical Uses: Great for settling a stomach, great for body aches, insomnia. ( The Medicine tip)
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